Oil and gas industry

In 2005 JSC OES, within the framework of diversification of activities, concluded the first contract on works in oil and gas industry.

JSC OES performed works for the following projects:

  • Development of power supply design for oil pump station NPS-17 Aldan (VSTO);
  • Development of the basic technical concepts on design and construction of infrastructure of liquefied natural gas of Shtokman gas and condensate field;
  • Development of designs for overhaul of linear part of main oil pipeline;
  • Development of design for rehabilitation of dolphins of Primorsk port BPS-2 (Baltic pipeline system);
  • Development of design for reconstruction of Paveltsovskaya, Kozulskaya, Sokurskaya and Nizhnetagilskaya oil depots.

In 2014-2016 the design and survey works were performed for four projects of PJSC “Gasprom neft”, namely: Paveltsovskaya oil depot (the second-largest oil depot in Moscow region), Nizhnetagilskaya oil depot (one of the largest oil depots in Urals), Sokurskaya depot, Kozulskaya oil depot, including:

  • Renovation project;
  • Expansion of tank battery;
  • Increase of throughput volume;
  • Reconstruction and laying of new rail tracts, motor roads

Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean

Specialists of Orgenergostroy developed the design of Automated diesel power station (ADPS) providing scheduled and emergency auxiliary power supply of Oil Pump Station, the main fuel of which is crude oil. In Process of development of the design, the conditions of ever-frozen ground and necessity in soil thermal stabilization were taken into account. The Station is an important object required for realization of Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean Project (VSTO).


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