Thermal power

Thermal power engineering is one of the key branches in the history of Orgenergostroy development.The Institute, organized for design and arrangement of power engineering construction, provided yearly technical assistance to over 160 power engineering construction projects.

We have developed and successively introduced the “Basic provisions on construction of SDPP-2400” based on which Konakovskaya, Litovskaya, Kostromskaya, Iriklinskaya, Ladyzhinskaya and other SDPPs were built.

Technical assistance was provided to construction of Ryazanskaya, Shaturskaya, Ekibastuzskaya, Surgutskaya, Urengoiskaya, Azerbaijanian and other SDPPs.

Thus, eventually there was no thermal power engineering object in the USSR in construction of which the specialists of the Institute did not take part.

For the last decades Orgenergostroy took part in realization of th following projects:

  • Nazarovskaya SDPP;
  • Rostovskaya CHP-2;
  • Barnaulskaya CHP;
  • Norilskaya CHP;
  • Berezovskaya SDPP;
  • Ryazanskaya SDPP

In 2014-2015 the human capacity was strengthened by specialists in thermal power engineering construction and reconstruction having large experience in development of design for that field and high qualification.

Today specialists of JSC “Institute “Orgenergostroy” are engaged in implementation of repair-rehabilitation works at Berezovskaya SDPP Power unit №3, including clearing over 2 thous. t of debris, dismantling and installation of unique suspended boiler and boiler equipment (total weight is over 25 thous. t). Nowadays finalizing pre-commissioning works under the Project are being performed.

Besides, recently, specialists of Orgenergostroy developed the design of Automated diesel power station (ADPS) providing scheduled and emergency auxiliary power supply of Oil Pump Station (VSTO), the main fuel of which is crude oil. In Process of development of the design, the conditions of ever-frozen ground and necessity in soil thermal stabilization were taken into account. The Station is an important object required for realization of Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean Project (VSTO).

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