Hydrotechnical facilities

Hydrotechnical facilities

Orgenergostroy has a wide experience in implementation of works for the projects of construction of hydraulic engineering structures of different complexity.

Among hydraulic engineering works performed by the specialists of the company the following can be distinguished:

  • Complex of hydro-engineering works (cargo terminal, water pump station, etc.) on Padma River (“Rooppur” NPP, Bangladesh);
  • Construction and reconstruction of coal terminal in Shakhtersk city (Russia);
  • Reconstruction of offshore post to cross RF border Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (Russia);
  • Creation of a local seismological network of observations of Zaramagskaya HPS (Russia).

Besides, using Orgenergostroy’s forced the unique methods and technologies were designed and developed  for construction of the following hydro-power stations:

  • Toktogulskaya HPS;
  • Ust-Ilimskaya HPS;
  • Sayano-Shushenskaya HPS;
  • Chirkeyskaya HPS;
  • Zeiskaya HPS;
  • Inguri HPS;


The craneless concreting method developed and introduced by Orgenergostroy specialists and dubbed “Toktogulsky method” allows reducing significantly consumption of concrete mix and simplifying concreting system, reducing the scope of reinforcement forms works and upgrading labor safety.

Rooppur NPP

Within the frameworks of “Rooppur” NPP Construction Project Orgenergostroy performs works at hydro-engineering objects on Ganges River.

The works are affected by following hydrogeological factors:

  • seasonal reduction or expansion of channel width by 80 – 120 meters;
  • periodical abrupt change of water level reaching 10-14 meters;
  • high flow rates periodically reaching up to  6-7m/sec;
  • high soil permeability.
Among hydro-engineering works at “Rooppur” NPP that just have been completed the following ones can be distinguished:
  • Filling of Padma River arm
    • Length – 1.1km, width – from 50 to 140m, depth – up to 6.5m
    •  Volume of soil – 700 thous. m3
  • Arrangement of new channel
    • Soil excavation volume – 665 thous. m3
    • Concrete volume -  42 thous.m3
    • Length – 1395m , width – 176m , depth – 5m
  • Construction of protection dam
    • Height from the foot – 8m
    • Length – 3.5km
    • A piezometric network by dam crest was arranged (a system of automatic monitoring of dam condition).
  • Slope stabilization
  • Bottom stabilization
  • Divers’ works

Construction of Cargo terminal that is an anchored sheet pile bulkhead of 1420х16mm diameter pipe-piles:

  • Total weight of pipe-piles is 18 420t      
  • Diameter – 1420 mm.
  • Backfilling volume – 661 071m3
  • Length of one pipe-pile – 37.55m

Works on construction of water pump station and channel aligning structure are being performed actively.

Due to unavailability of the required infrastructure in Bangladesh, the inland logistics diagrams – motor roads, railways and aero-logistics diagrams were developed. The problem related to low pass-through ability of bridges with regard to allowed max. weight were solved. Works on strengthening of river crossings, piers and spans were performed.  

Fabrication of metal structures (shop for fabrication of pipe-piles TP, reinforcement cages) was arranged and the shop for automated fabrication of reinforced concrete items was built.

For construction of bulkhead wall six flows (working areas) were arranged where cargo-lifting mechanisms (cranes) of 250t-lifting capacity (6 pcs.), silent pile drivers and hydraulic hammers were used. 150t-lifting capacity cranes (4 pcs.) in a set with special fittings and special mechanisms (conductors, cross-arms), developed by JSC OES specialists, were used for shore-line stabilization works.

Thus application of the advanced and successful construction methods allows the Orgenergostroy company solving any challenges in hydro-engineering construction anywhere in the world.

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