В минувшую пятницу 25 мая в городе Димитровграде (Ульяновская обл.) состоялось заседание оперативного штаба строительства уникального многоцелевого реактора МБИР, главной темой которого стало обсуждение статуса реализации проекта и связанных вопросов.

Orgenergostroy is the social venture, one of the most important priorities of which is fair and sustainable business. Within the framework of each project, the Company strives to pay great attention to not only production figures, but to socially useful things such as sports and culture development, supporting and assistance to the indigent, as well as to beneficence in all towns and regions, where the Company arranges its branch offices and representations

In the beginning of May Orgenergostroy concluded the next contract within the framework of comprehensive security assurance systems. Until the end of the year, the gas chemical complex located in the Republic of Uzbekistan shall be equipped with the comprehensive security complex. Orgenergostroy together with Joint Venture UzOES* will deal with contract realization in Republic of Uzbekistan.

The First World Construction Championship (WCC) took place from April 2-th to 23rd at the area of the Main media-center of the Park of sciences and arts “Sirius” in Sochi. The event collected under one roof over one thousand and a half professional builders, representatives of public authorities, managers of the largest companies realizing projects of construction of industrial and power engineering domain in Russia and in the world.

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