Lifespan of the Balakovo NPP is prolonged.

Lifespan of power unit № 3 of the Balakovo NPP was prolonged till 2048 according to the State program of the Russian Federation "Development of an atomic power industrial complex", and based on the conclusion of Rostekhnadzor. This decision was made because the rate of introduction of new capacities, in comparison with times of the USSR considerably decreased; there was a threat of power shortage for the period of implementation of new projects of construction of nuclear power plants in Russia.

During the implementation of the project since 2013, an in-depth assessment of the technical condition of the security systems was carried out, work was carried out on comprehensive modernization and replacement of the necessary elements of the block including works on technical maintenance and repair of a system of pretension of a protective cover which maintenance was performed by Orgenergostroy. The license for 30 years of operation of the power unit № 3 was obtained by the results of the carried-out works that should provide reliable power supply of the Volga district during this period.

Балаковская АЭС (Оргэнергострой)

JSC Orgenergostroy and the Balakovo NPP are connected by a long story. At different times Orgenergostroy participated in performing different works on construction projects or upgrade of each of power units of the Balakovo NPP. Many innovative solutions and methods that were applied at construction of the Balakovo NPP and proved over time, were developed by specialists of Orgenergostroy.

For example, one of such solutions was the use of a lamellar installation scheme during the construction of the base plate and containment of power unit No. 2, which made it possible to more than halve the time and reduce the labor intensity of installation work by 14% compared to the first power unit.

Besides, Orgenergostroy developed three main streams for the construction of this NPP, introduced ideas for combining the nuclear plant and the main auxiliary production facilities into a single complex, which reduced the project implementation time by an average of 1.5-2 years.

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