Over 78 billion kW/h of electric energy were generated by Rostovskaya NPP Power Unit №2 for 10 years.

For the whole period of operation, the Power Unit №2 demonstrated the high productivity measures, as well as safety and ecological performance. The Power Unit №2 plan for electric energy generation for the current year was established in amount of 7.88kw/h that is the tenth part of the performance reached for the whole period of the Power Unit №2 operation.

Such significant results were reached due to not only responsible and professional attitude to works of every employee of the nuclear power plant, but also due to reliable design decisions realized and to construction and erection works properly performed.

Rostovskaya NPP Power Unit №2 became the pilot power unit where the flow-line construction model, developed even in USSR time, started to be optimized for the first time in modern Russia. Said model ensures smooth transition of the released construction and erection forces from one working area to another one, saves expenditures and makes possible commissioning of power units within optimum terms and with high quality. 


The technologies, principles and ideas of the flow-line construction, in development of which the specialists of Orgenergostroy to direct part, were tested during construction of Balakovskaya NPP and were taken into account in development of the construction plan of Rostovskaya NPP Power Unit №2.

Besides, Orgenergostroy carried out author’s supervision and control during technical maintenance of the pre-stressed system of the protective shell of the Power Unit №2, developed the required working documents, performed inspection of civil structures and construction and erection works at Rostovskaya NPP Power Units №3 and 4.

The rapid flow-line construction enabled Rostovskaya NPP becoming the only power plant in modern Russia where three power units – 2nd, 3rd and 4th – were commissioned during 7 years.

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