Finalized checking of NVNPP-2 power maneuvering operation efficiency

The trial operation of Power Unit №6 in power maneuvering mode started immediately after obtaining the respective positive expert conclusion from Rostechnadzor and formalization of respective modifications in the conditions of validity of license for power unit operation. The trial operation proceeded from the beginning of month and up to May 10th, 2020.

In course of trial operation, changing of power characteristics within 96-71-96% and 96-46-96% from the nominal one was investigated and operation of all used equipment and systems was checked. There have been optimized various algorithms of management and work of the personnel, tested the solutions aimed at minimization of the reactor thermal output leaps.

All the data obtained in course of investigations will be used for further introduction of power maneuvering modes at VVER-TOI Project plants, including at Kurskaya NPP-2 power units under construction, and Paks-II NPP (Hungary) power units under designing. In will increase marketability of new projects to be constructed by national design.

Source: Novovoronezhskaya NPP Information and Public Relations Administration


Nowadays Orgenergostroy has completed or is performing works at all three of the a.m. facilities: Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2, Kurskaya NPP-2 and Paks-II NPP.

From 2013 and to present day, the specialists of the JOINT Stock Company “Institute “Orgenergostroy” took active part in construction of Kurskaya NPP-2. The documents are being developed (including the especially complicated work procedure plans), the designer’s supervision is being performed, and the equipment required for NPP main and auxiliary buildings and structures is being supplied using our own forces.

For Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2 – JSC OES developed and performed supervision of the especially complicated work procedure plans (ECWPP) and working documents. JSC OES successfully introduced the advance technology of enlarged reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete form blocks (with stay-in-place forms), that (technology) also was developed and proposed by our specialists.

From 2015 and to present day, Orgenergostroy implements contractual commitments at Paks-II NPP Construction Site that (commitments) include comprehensive engineering survey and investigations (required also to obtain the license for construction of said NPP), as well as assessment of the effects of the plant in course of construction, commissioning and operation. Besides, our specialists developed the required documents, carry out the designer’s supervisions in course of construction of buildings and structures of the plant.

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