Completed concreting of foundation slab of Kurskaya NPP-2 Power Unit №2 Turbine building

Since the foundation slab of the Turbine building will bear a considerable dynamic load, so during the whole period of concreting the permanent QC of concrete mix and of carried out works was performed.

The outline dimensions of the slab are 95 to 61m. Thickness of the major part of the building area is 2m, at the place of inlet of cooling water into the building and of local areas of equipment foundations, the thickness reaches 6m. Total volume of the placed concrete is 14905m3, of the reinforcement – 3347t.

Now, within the framework of construction of the Turbine Hall of Power Unit №2 the specialists of “Consortium Titan-2” have to perform works on erection of 20 columns of turbine plant foundation from elev. -7.00m to elev. 0.00m. Total volume of concrete to be placed is 732m3, of reinforcement 96t. Next, in the underground part of the Turbine building the pipelines, condensate group equipment and others will be arranged.

Source: Kurskaya NPP Information and Public Relations Administration

A complex of various works, including development and correction of the required working documents, development of the especially complicated work procedure plans (ECWPP) for construction and erection works, mechanical equipment installation works and electrical equipment installation works at NPP main objects, Designer’s supervision of construction of the Construction and Assembling Base, supply of required equipment – is performed by Orgenergostroy’s forces since 2018.

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