Orgenergostroy continues the construction of the MBIR Nuclear Research Institute at a faster pace

The project is part of the federal target program "Nuclear Energy Technologies of the New Generation" and in the future for 50 years will provide the domestic nuclear industry with an advanced research infrastructure.

At the moment, more than 1,800 people are involved at the site of the RNU MBIR, as well as 325 workers from construction student teams.

Before the deadline, the foundation of the turbine unit and construction work on the construction of two fire extinguishing tanks of 2000 m3 each were completed. Work continues on the construction of the main building, pumping stations for fire fighting and technical water supply, and a water treatment building. The complex of monolithic reinforced concrete and installation works of the reactor shaft is being completed, complex technological processes for the biological protection device have been completed.

In April of this year, reactor equipment weighing 410 tons was delivered to the MBIR site, incoming inspection and rigging to the reactor assembly shop were carried out. Currently, preparatory work is underway for the installation of the reactor pressure vessel, scheduled for October 2022. The development of technological documentation has already been carried out, assembly equipment has been manufactured and delivered, and the reactor vessel is being depreserved.

Also, Orgenergostroy is actively working on the construction of another significant facility - a cooling tower with a height of 52.3 m. By the current moment, the underground part of the structure has been completed and the first tier of metal structures has been mounted.

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