MBIR reactor vessel installation successfully completed 8 months ahead of schedule

Today, on January 18, the installation of the reactor vessel of the largest Multipurpose Fast Neutron Research Reactor (MBIR) in the world weighing about 83 tons and 12 meters in length and 4 meters in diameter, was completed at the construction site of JSC "SSC RIAR" (Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk Region, part of SC Rosatom Scientific Division - JSC "Science and Innovations").

It was delivered to the site 16 months ahead of schedule in April 2022. The equipment was manufactured at the Atommash plant of Rosatom in Volgodonsk (Rostov region).

The installation itself was performed by the General Contractor of the project, which is also the leader of the first construction consortium in the nuclear industry - Joint Stock Company "Institute "Orgenergostroy".

Successful completion of this stage, significantly ahead of schedule, not only makes it possible to proceed with important installation work in the structural parts of the reactor and the installation of reactor equipment as soon as possible, but also significantly shortens the overall project timeline. It is scheduled to complete the construction in 2026, and to launch the reactor in 2027, which in both cases is one year ahead of schedule.

"Concreting of the reactor cavity, construction of the drainage pumping station, and completion of the turbine unit foundation are among the key milestones of 2022. All these stages were also completed ahead of schedule, which was made possible by modern digital tools used at the construction site - BIM modeling technologies, the Total Cost Management Nuclear Construction system, remote monitoring tools using digital and unmanned technologies, and the construction management consortium model," noted the Director for Capital Investments, State Construction Regulations, and State Expert Reviews at Rosatom State Corporation.

At the moment about 1400 builders are working on the construction site, including engineers and technicians, as well as more than 80 units of construction machinery. It is planned that the peak number of specialists involved on the construction site in 2023 will amount to 1720 people, as well as 105 units of machinery.

A day earlier, on January 17, a regular meeting of the construction situation center regarding the project progress took place under the chairmanship of Gennady Sakharov.  Within the framework of the center, such significant issues as the implementation of the previous year's program, the status of the ongoing work, as well as the plan for 2023 were discussed.

Particularly the meeting noted the success of Orgenergostroy, which outperformed the 2022 production program by 30%, which is a personal record for the company since the start of this project (in 2020 the construction plan was outperformed by 15%, in 2021 - by 8%).

Such workshops to discuss the project implementation are regular at the site. Regular participants are representatives of Rosatom State Corporation, Rosatom Capital Construction Industry Center, JSC "Science and Innovations", JSC "SSC NIIAR", JSC "SSC RF-FEI", JSC "NIKIET", JSC "Atomtehenergo" and members of the Association of Organizations of the Construction Complex of the Nuclear Industry (ACCNI), including the General Contractor Joint Stock Company "Institute "Orgenergostroy" 

Source of photos and information: Rosatom Capital Construction Industry Center Press Service

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