On the occasion of the celebration of the Constructor's Day, for many years of conscientious work and great personal contribution to the development of the construction industry of the Russian Federation, a number of highly qualified specialists of JSC Orgenergostroy were awarded letters of thanks from The Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

The concreting of the foundation slab of the turbine building of power unit No. 2 of Kursk NPP-2 has been completed, and the construction of the underground part of the columns of the turbine unit foundation has begun. All planned works are proceeding according to the schedule, so five key events have already been completed since the beginning of this year.

Successfully finalized at Novovoronezhskaya NPP Power Unit №6 checking of efficiency of load monitoring operation (power maneuvering). Such mode of operation allows using more efficiently the NPP resource by adapting to the demand of power grid and participating in distribution of loads of the unified energy system of the country. The mode suggests daily changing or power unit output: nighttime, during min. power consumption, the output is reduced, daytime – the output reaches max. values (up to 100%).

An I&C complex of radiation situation mapping was commissioned at Kalininskaya NPP stages one and two power units.

The introduced information system is the completely homegrown technology that allows carrying out analysis, storing and archiving the parameters of the radiological situation in any point of the controlled access zone (CAZ) and of the industrial site of NPP. Said data are required both during power unit operation and at decommissioning stage as well.

Within the framework of hot trial of the reactor plant of the first power unit of Belorusskaya NPP the comprehensive testing of the process safety related systems with simulation of leak of coolant of the primary circuit and comprehensive testing of auxiliary power supply system under short-break power supply, including under blackout of the power unit was successfully performed. Said testing is one of the most important and crucial stages of A-3.2 phase of the program “Hot trial of reactor plant”.

Construction of Kurskaya NPP-2 is going ahead of schedule. Just even today, the most important works on erection of the first tier of the outer concrete shell of the reactor plant of the Power Unit №1 were completed ahead of schedule. The event is the first key one of the current year out of the ten events scheduled.

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