New issue of “Construction in nuclear industry” magazine came out (published with the assistance of “Rosatom OCKS” and ASKAO, see the reference in source). The issue is dedicated to 75th anniversary of nuclear industry. The issue reflects on the year focusing such key projects as MBIR (Multipurpose Fast research reactor, Dimitrovgrad , Ulyanovsk Region), Rooppur NPP (People’s Republic of Bangladesh), Hahikivi-1 NPP (Finland), extension of NVIC FGBU “Dmitry Rogachev NMIC DGOI”, exhibition pavilion “Atomic energy” at VDNKh, and others. Special attention was paid to the newest digital construction management technologies, such as BIM – Building Information Modeling (applied in realization of MBIR construction project).

Lifespan of power unit № 3 of the Balakovo NPP was prolonged till 2048 according to the State program of the Russian Federation "Development of an atomic power industrial complex", and based on the conclusion of Rostekhnadzor. This decision was made because the rate of introduction of new capacities, in comparison with times of the USSR considerably decreased; there was a threat of power shortage for the period of implementation of new projects of construction of nuclear power plants in Russia.

Today the Orgenergostroy logo is not just a recognizable combination of the logo and the name of the company that has deserved a good reputation among customers all over the world, but also is the official trademark which is the exclusive intellectual property protected by law.

This important day, we are proud to look at the work we have done and at the experience we have gained, which, undoubtedly, will help us at implementation of the current and future projects.

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