Baltic NPP

Baltic NPP

Electrical output: 2388MW


Baltic Nuclear Power Plant Project (Kaliningrad NPP) — nuclear power plant in Neman district, Kaliningrad region “frozen” at the stage of construction. The plant was designed to comprise two power units of 2388MW total capacity. It was planned that after the NPP being constructed the Kaliningrad region would become an exporter of electric power.

On February 25, 2010 a solemn ceremony of Baltic NPP foundation stone laying took place. However in April 2014 construction of the plant was suspended.

Orgenergostroy Company has developed:

  • Primary Work Procedure Plans (WPP) and the most complicated WPPs (MC WWP).
  • Design estimation documentation for NPP temporary buildings and structures.
  • Primary WPPs for construction of the most complicated facilities (parts of NPP buildings).
  • Working documents for water supply, power supply and heat supply networks.
  • Working documents for temporary buildings and structures of Construction and Assembling Base and industrial site of Power Units №1 and № 2.
  • Visual and instrumental inspection of the basements of Unit №1 buildings and structures.

The company's NPP construction methods are now being used successfully in the construction of VVER-1200 (NPP-2006) nuclear power plants and are also being incorporated into new plant designs.



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