Belarus NPP

Belarus NPP

Electrical output: 2400MW


Construction site of Byelorussia NPP is located near the north-west frontier of Belarus, 18 kilometers away from Ostrovets town, Grodno region. Pursuant to the plans the Unit 1 of the NPP was supposed to be commissioned in 2018, Unit 2 – in 2020.

JSC «Institute «Orgenergostroy» carried out following works:

  • Development of the most complicated WPPs for civil works for NPP buildings.
  • Development of production-technological documents for the second stage.
  • Development of additional documents providing industrial methods of construction of Unit № 1.
  • Determination of concrete strength of civil structures of Byelorussia NPP Units №1 and №2 using ND methods, and provision of QC of concrete and of other building materials at the construction site during preparatory period.
  • Proportioning of the main and additional concrete mixes for the Plant and scientific-technical support of concreting works.
  • Development of design documents for: «NPP motor transport facilities».
  • Development of design documents on construction arrangement (Section within Construction Arrangement Plan - CAP), including articles of special sub-sections on arrangement of equipment installation, performance of insulation works and application of special chemical coatings.

The company's NPP construction methods are now being used successfully in the construction of VVER-1200 (NPP-2006) nuclear power plants and are also being incorporated into new plant designs.


Source of Photo: "Strana Rosatom"



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