Chirkeysk HPS

Chirkeysk HPS

Electrical output: 1000MW


Chirkeysk HPS is located at Sulak River bank near Dubky settlement, Buynaksk district, Dagestan. It is the most powerful hydro-electric power station in the North Caucasus. Besides, it has the second, in terms of height, dam in Russia and the highest vaulted dam in the country.

Development of the Basic Design of Chirkeysk HPS was finalized in 1966 and on December 14, 1967 it was approved by Decree of the Council of Ministers of USSR.

Construction of Chirkeysk HPS was started by the Minenergo USSR Order № 84 dated June 11, 1963 prescribing to arrange the Construction Management (Construction and erection department) and to start preparatory works for station construction. On June 13, 1963 the Decree of the Supreme Council of National Economy of USSR and of the Council of Ministers of USSR “Regarding rendering assistance and acceleration of construction of Chirkeysk HPS on Sulak River” was issued.

From 1974 to 1976 all 4 power units were commissioned. Total capacity of them was 1000MW.

JSC OES participated in development of such innovations used in construction of the HPP as: bracket forms and packages of vibrators for concrete compaction that provided increase in labor productivity. Besides, the Institute performed works on concreting maps and on form designs; advanced methods of tunnel construction were developed and introduced.



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