South-Ukraine NPP

South-Ukraine NPP

Electrical output: 3000MW


The South-Ukraine NPP is located on the banks of Yuzhy Bug River, Nikolayev region, Ukraine. Construction of the NPP comprising three Power Units with WWER-1000 reactors of 1000MW capacity each, and of NPP satellite town Yuzhoukrainskaya was started in spring 1975. In December 1982 the first power unit was connected to the electric energy system. In 1985 and 1989 the second and the third power units were commissioned. For 10 years of operation the NPP generated over 100 billion kWh. Nowadays the installed capacity of the Plant is 3000MWт.

The Institute investigated and introduced new material used for self-leveling floors and walls based on EP-7100 enamel and “Oxylin-5” epoxy resin used in course of construction of the object.

Also an option of concrete mix supply using circular concrete ducts was developed and the heavy-weight concrete of new composition was introduced for the first time (in 1983) at the plant.

In course of NPP construction the technical documentation of multiple use, developed by Institute “Orgenergostroy”, was applied.

The rules of construction of NPPs developed by the Company enabled realizing economically efficiently the designs of construction of Balakovo, South-Ukraine, Khmelnitskaya, Rovno, Rostov, Kalinin NPPs, as well as of Kozloduy NPP in Bulgaria, Temelin NPP in Check Republic.



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