Zaporozhye NPP

Zaporozhye NPP

Electrical output: 6000MW


The Zaporozhye NPP located in Energodar town is the largest operated NPP in Europe and the second in terms of installed capacity after Kasivadzaki-kariva (shutdown in 2012) in the world.

The decision on construction of the plant based on NPP standardized design with WWER-1000 reactor units was taken by Council of Ministers of USSR in 1977. In two year after construction of Zaporozhye NPP was started. In course of construction, under direct participation of JSC OES specialists, the standard technologies and arrangement of construction and erection works of multiple use were developed and experimentally run, the mandatory technological regulations for NPP construction were developed.

Including there have been designed the structures, equipment and work procedures on arrangement of reactor building containment pre-stressed systems, and arranged the experimental-demonstrating flow line production that enabled reducing significantly the terms of realization of the design and, in turn, cost of construction.

The rules of construction of NPPs developed by the Company enabled realizing economically efficiently the designs of construction of Balakovo, South-Ukraine, Khmelnitskaya, Rovno, Rostov, Kalinin NPPs, as well as of Kozloduy NPP in Bulgaria, Temelin NPP in Check Republic.

Zaporozhye NPP – is the leading, experimentally-demonstrating object, in course of construction of which the flow line construction and erection methods using industrial structures fabricated by nuclear power engineering construction combine were applied.

The Process documents, including WPPs, were developed by Institute Atomenergostroyproekt on the base of Kiev and Donetsk branches of the Institute. In course of development of the standardized WWER-1000 design the structural and technological decisions proposed by JSC OES were used, in particular, an option of pre-stressed reinforced concrete design of the reinforced concrete containment (shell) approved by Gosstroy USSR Scientific-technical council, and pre-stressing system with V-shape reinforcement arrangement.



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