Togtogulskaya HPS

Togtogulskaya HPS

Installed capacity: 1200MW


Togtogulskaya HPS is located on Naryn River in Kirghizia. The dam form Togtogulskoye artificial water reservoir the largest one in Central Asia. It makes part of Naryn-Syr-dar dace cascade of HPSs. HPS design installed capacity is 1200MW.

At the Togtogulskaya HPS Institute Orgenergostroy applied for the first time the method of layer-by-layer placement of concrete mix on large area using electric tractors of own design. There concrete plant designed by the Institute was commissioned. The proposed and realized at the Project method of craneless concreting enabled reducing cement consumption, simplifying concreting system, increasing block dimensions in plan, reducing the scope of scaffolding works and increasing labor productivity in course of dam concreting. The method was named Togtogulsky.



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