Belene NPP

Belene NPP

Electrical output: 2000MW


Belene NPP is the site of not-finalized NPP construction located near Belene town on Danube River bank at the North of Bulgaria not far from frontier with Romania. The NPP was designed to substitute the decommissioned capacities of Kozloduy NPP. NPP construction was suspended in 1990 due to problems related to funding and protests of people. In 2005 an agreement about completion of NPP construction by Russian company “Atomstroyexport” was reached.

Complete inspection of condition of civil structures of buildings and structures performed by Institute specialists demonstrated that for construction of new NPP objects it was required to dismantle reinforced concrete structures in amount of over 150 thousand м3 and about 20 thousand metal structures.

Dismantling and recovery of the reinforced concrete and metal structures was performed using the most sophisticated procedures and technologies paying special attention to assurance of environment ecological safety.

After finalizing dismantling and recovery the NPP site was reclaimed to Green field condition.

JSC OES carried out following works:

  • Inspection, dismantling and recovery of NPP civil structures;
  • Analysis and harmonization of Bulgarian regulating documents with Russian and international regulating documents specifying requirements for execution of works during NPP construction, including requirements to proportioning concrete mixes.
  • Development of the Belene NPP CAB Design;
  • Construction on turn-key basis of 200 and 400m3 per day capacity treatment facilities within CAB at Belene NPP site.

In 2012 due to changes in Bulgaria leadership and due to disagreement on cost the Project was considered once more. On March 28, 2012 construction was terminated.



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